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Kelley Charters 

Regional Council Member 

Pacific Rim

I have had the pleasure of working with Adriane since 2013.  At that time Adrianne was the regional chair for the South Islands region, and CDMR (Care Delivery Model Redesign) was happening in Nanaimo and spreading across Island Health.  Together we teamed up to run a successful campaign to stop the cuts to front line nurses.

Adriane impressed me from the beginning, with her tenacity, passion, and dedication to BCNU members.  Later, I watched her make significant gains while she was the OH&S executive councilor, including leading a successful campaign to get Nurses included in mental injury presumptive legislation.

Over the last year, we worked closely together on council in her role as the Vice President. During bargaining, the current president was not available to chair council meetings, and Adriane stepped into the chair role in her absence.  I was amazed by her leadership once again.  She led the council with grace, integrity, and professionalism.  She has a vision for how great BCNU can be, and led guide us there, incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion to embrace all our members in solidarity.

Adriane is a smart, and amazing person, and she has my support and my vote for BCNU President.

Matthew Le Gresley

Provincial Chair, Men In Nursing        Network and North West Regional Lobbyist 

I am thrilled to support Adriane in her candidacy as the next President of the BC Nurses Union. I have seen her capability to step into difficult situations and take the time to ensure those who present are valued and their voices are heard. She is quick to listen and takes the time to ensure she understands before responding. Her empathy, caring, and commitment to coaching and developing the people around her has led to increased capacity and impact of those around her. You only have to have been present at any of the opportunities she has had to speak to recognize her ability to speak, motivating people and giving them energy to do the work that is needed.

She is approachable and has a wealth of experience. Her integrity and dedication in working to empower those around her has helped me become a better advocate for our members. If you want to see the BC Nurses Union grow in ability, capacity and influence, Adriane Gear is the perfect choice for your next BC Nurses Union President. 

Claudette Jut 

Regional Council Member

Shaughnessy Heights

I appreciate that Adriane presents her most authentic self, she pushes through difficult situations, and does not give up when things get tough. This is what sets Adriane apart from other leaders, she is brave, and faces fear head on.  She demonstrates this time and time again delivering the hard truths, and mobilizing in times of uncertainty.

Adriane has the knowledge, understanding, and leadership experience that shows enormous accomplishments including her work on: the inclusion of nurses in Presumption of Workplace Mental Injury including PTSD, Personal Resilience Workshops, and the Nurses Violence Support line to name a few.

She has pushed for our employers to take seriously the thirteen Workplace Factors related to Psychological Safety, because she understands the mental well-being of nurses is so closely tied to how employers promote health and prevent harm to nurses.

As a guest speaker to meetings in the Shaughnessy Heights Region she is always a welcome addition to the agenda, she fills the room with her passion, knowledge and expertise, often leaving nurses with a renewed sense of hope when it comes to their work environments. Adriane is an experienced, skilled, and committed leader that will not give up until we have workplaces that are safe and healthy.

Please join me in electing Adriane Gear as our President 

Teresa McFadyen

South Islands 

From the moment I became involved with BCNU in 2008, Adriane was warm, welcoming, and approachable.  Adriane has walked the walk as a floor nurse and has firsthand knowledge of the violence and other issues faced by today's nurses, including working in and through a

pandemic.  Adriane possesses extensive knowledge and experience at the regional and

provincial levels.  She has served this union as Executive Councillor OH&S and Mental Health.

Adriane was elected as Vice President in February 2022.  In this role, she has been the political action lead, holding rallies and lobbing all levels of government on the nursing shortage crisis, and championing the HR & E portfolio. She is experienced and knowledgeable in governance and leadership, and this drives her exceptional ability to respond and act in moments of crisis, making key decisions with effective resolutions that demonstrate her deep understanding of the issues and stakeholders involved.  Adriane is dependable. When the current president was unavailable, Adriane stepped in confidently to fill the role with her vast professional experience and knowledge.

Adriane is always engaged and genuinely willing to listen.  She takes the time to get to know

you, as a person, and how working conditions actively affect you.  She is a strong and passionate advocate who supports you fully and completely, irrespective of your nursing designation.  The integrity, knowledge, experience, accountability, and passion she brings to the role of President will be an asset to each of you, and each of us.

Teri Carnegie

Regional Council Member 

North West 

I am proud to endorse Adriane Gear for the role of President for the BCNU.  Adriane has long advocated for members’ safety and effectively lobbied for positive changes to improve the working conditions of nurses. She has extensive experience and is not afraid to raise concerns that challenge the status quo.

I appreciate that when I have an opinion that differs from Adriane’s, she never shuts me down, but asks questions and listens to hear my perspective.  Adriane is open to learning with and from other people and I have never known her to shy away from a challenge.

I believe Adriane would be an amazing asset to our Provincial Leadership and wish her success in the future.

Melissa Vannerus

YNN Provincial Chair &

Simon Fraser Regional OH&S Rep

As the Vice-President of the BCNU, Adriane has worked closely with all the Human Rights & Equity (HRE) Caucus and Network Chairs to bring their thoughts into action.  When elected into her role, Adriane immediately sought out the HRE Chairs directly, asking how she, as the VP could facilitate these goals.  As the Young Nurses' Network (YNN) Provincial Chair, I have been impressed with Adriane's ability to widen her HRE lens and diligently work beside us.  Adriane's passion for improving the work lives of our young nurses does not go unnoticed.  Therefore, I am happily endorsing Adriane Gear and BCNU President.

Kath-Ann Terrett

Regional Council Member 

Coastal Mountain 

I have known Adriane for a number years and she has been a strong, unwavering advocate for nurses.  Adriane's strong voice and commitment has raised issues nurses face to hospital administrators, health authority leadership and government.  Adriane empowers nurses and effects change.   Adriane has been instrumental in creating change in coastal mountain nursing worksites.  She sees the toxic worksites and the toll it has taken on nurses' mental health.  Adriane uses every tool in her toolbox to shine a light on these worksites and recommends constructive change and make a difference.

Jereme Bennett 

North East  Treasurer 

NBA Bargaining Committee   

Now that bargaining is done, I know there is going to be a fight ahead to ensure successful implementation of the new collective agreement.  I believe Adriane Gear is the person best suited to lead that fight.

I have worked with Adriane over the years and I know her to be determined, passionate, and knowledgeable about the issues we face as nurses, and about BCNU.  She is not afraid to stand up for others, including fellow BCNU activists.  I support Adriane for BCNU President. 

Scott Duval

Regional Council Member 

Thompson North Okanagan 

I endorse Adriane Gear in her ballot for President of BCNU.  I have known Adriane in multiple roles with BCNU over the past 11 years.  I find her passionate, well spoken, and lives our values in her work.  Adriane is articulate, has done an amazing job chairing Council meetings during Bargaining, and has an intimate understanding of of nursing, OH&S, HR&E, and governance.  I wholeheartedly support her as our President.

Leanne Robertson-Weeds

Regional Council Member 

South Islands

I have worked with Adriane since 2009, when I first joined as a LPN member of BC Nurses Union.  We have worked on a variety of levels, both Regionally and Provincially.

During the last 6 months Adriane has stepped in to lead our Provincial Council when we needed it the most.  She is a strong, passionate advocate for the members of BCNU and will not back down.  Adriane is not afraid to ask the tough questions, hold the employer accountable and is committed to find solutions around the critical nursing shortage.

Adriane Gear is the leader we need as President of the BC Nurses Union!

Carly Koeppen

Regional Council Member

South Islands 

I have known Adriane since the beginning of my union involvement and have had the pleasure of watching and learning from her firece union activism the last 10 years. As a Regional Council Member in South Islands, Adriane was approachable and ran the region with a clear vision. When she took on the provincial OHS portfolio, she was highly successful in her advocacy and always brought it back to what mattered to the members. As the Vice President of BCNU, she has conducted herself with integrity, passion, and vision.

I am the Regional Council Member for South Islands and I endorse Adriane Gear for the position of BCNU President.

I believe she has the member's interests at heart and will be able to effectively lead this union. 

Meghan Friesen 

Regional Council Member 

Vancouver Metro  

I am endorsing Adriane Gear for President for the BCNU.  I have worked closely with Adriane on council since 2014.

She is experienced and knowledgeable in governance and leadership, and this truly drives her ability to respond and act to crisis or decision making with effective resolutions, and broad understanding.

I personally witnessed the compassion and support she lends to council regional executive teams stewards, and members as she speaks on their behalf voicing nursing concerns at the board level, with the employer, and at government.

Her transparency, resilience, and strength when facing difficult decisions is admirable.  Adriane strategically handles difficult conversation, she offers her input from a broader and more varied perspective.

This makes Adriane an influential leader one that is trusted to tackle tough situations with integrity and respect, please vote Adriane Gear for expertise, knowledge, and meaningful change. 

Margo Wilton 

Pacific Rim  

BCNU needs strong and experienced leadership now.  Adriane will bring all of those attributes and more to the table as President. She has an amazing history of standing up for Nurses, knowing and fighting hard for them in her many roles as Steward, Regional Chair, Executive Councillor, and Vice President.  Adriane knows the position, she knows the responsibilities and she knows how to get the job done. She is passionate about getting Nurses what they need and she will never quit. Adriane is not afraid to speak out and she will not be silenced. She is the voice that the Nurses of BCNU needs NOW!  

Bonnie Christie

Face of the campaign to add Nurses to the Mental Injury Presumption Legislation


I couldn't think of a better candidate for President!! Your support when I was speaking to the BCNU members regarding my experience with PTSD and why we need the Presumption of injury with WorksafeBC was so compassionate and heartfelt. Your commitment to making nurses safe is unwavering. We as a membership are lucky to have you. You have my support, 100%.

Denise Waurynchuk 

Regional Council Member 

East Kootenays

I first attended a BCNU Convention in 2013, where I saw Adriane, an inspiring advocate, speaking to delegates about CDMR (Care Delivery Model Redesign) and the movement to protect nursing positions. Over the past decade, she has continued to bolster nurses in BC by encouraging them to make their voices heard. As a Regional Council Member, OHS Executive Councillor, and Vice President, Adriane has the wisdom and experience required to direct nurses in our province as we introduce ratios and prepare for the next round of bargaining. Her integrity and accountability can help ensure success for all members of the BCNU. We need a President who will support each nurse in BC: Adriane Gear is that leader. Let's vote her in for President of the BCNU!

Walter Lumamba

Regional Council Member 

South Fraser Valley 

I believe Adriane Gear will make a difference in the leadership of our BC Nurses Union. She have proven her integrity and capabilities when she became the interim VP a couple of years ago and as our OH&S Councillor. Back then she led series of successful campaigns for BCNU with regards to Health and Safety, including the campaign that Nurses should be included in the presumptive legislation for work related mental health injuries. I believe she can make a difference, and please join me in campaigning for her success! 

Shalane Wesnoski

Regional Council Member

West Kootenay Region 

I could not be more excited to support Adriane Gear for President of the BCNU!  If you want a president who will fight for you, ask tough questions, and demand more for you, then vote for Adriane!  She is one of the most tenacious and passionate women I have ever met!  Long before I was involved with the union, I remember watching Adriane advocate for change around the Workers Compensation Act and presumptive legislation for nurses.  She demanded more, she refused to allow us to be left out, ignored and disrespected!  If you want someone who isn't afraid to get out in media, make some noise, stand alongside nurses no matter where they are in this province, VOTE for Adriane!  We can't afford to spend the next 3 years being silent as a union.  We need a president who will stand up for all of us!

Kelly Woywitka 

Provincial Chair, Workers With Disabilities and Steward Liaison

Pacific Rim  

I am excited to extend my support and endorsement to Adriane Gear as a candidate for President of BCNU.

Adriane has worked hard for BCNU and strives for excellence in everything she does.

Adriane is available to support the members when needed and is a valuable resource for others in elected positions.

I endorse Adriane for the role of President, without any reservations.

Adriane is respectful and demonstrates integrity in her decisions.

Good luck Adriane!

Danette Thomsen

Regional Council Member 

North East 

Adriane Gear is a passionate and fierce advocate.  She has an incredible ability to recognize and analyse risk. She is organized, thoughtful and has strong leadership skills . Adriane is also brave enough to accept feedback, she actually welcomes it.  I’ve watched her reflect on some tough stuff, own it and use it to assist herself to grow.  This is a very powerful strength when a leader is vulnerable enough to learn from others.

Adriane is passionate about finding solutions to the struggles nurses are facing and isn’t afraid to say how terrible it is out there.   She did an amazing job leading our OHS department and had done very well at being our Vice President. Adriane has the ability to direct the boardroom and is respected as a council chair. She is able to redirect conversation and keep everyone on track.

I have worked closely with Adriane for many years and have learned a great deal under her mentorship. She is bold and fearless, the members and our union always come first.

Adriane is a leader that lifts others up. She will build a team of leaders recognizing others strengths around her. She is who we absolutely  need as our President now.

If you want a President who will unite our members and ignite our organization you need to follow me and vote for Adriane Gear. 

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