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Adriane Gear



Despite a new agreement and the promise of ratios, many nurses continue to work in horrendous conditions. With over 5000 vacancies, staffing remains abysmal in most areas, contributing to dangerous situations and negative patient outcomes. Understaffed, over-census, deferrals and redeployment is the norm. As a workforce, we are physically exhausted, morally injured and many feel exploited. As a profession, our voice is silenced out of fear of reprisal.  

Even with the immense challenges before us, I am determined that together, we can hold government accountable for the promise of ratios and compel employers to improve working conditions so that we can provide the care our patients deserve.  As a collective, we can reimagine BCNU and achieve great things.

As President, I will make BCNU a better, stronger union that gets results and provides excellent service to members.  I am passionate and driven by action because I care deeply about our profession and the conditions, we work in.

My Commitment:

  • Champion a culture committed to Reconciliation, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
  • Fight for full implementation of the collective agreement.
  • Lobby all political parties and levels of government on the implementation of ratios. BCNU must make ratios an election issue!
  • Develop a robust media strategy and campaign to educate the public on how ratios improve patient safety and retain nurses in the public system.
  • Amplify your voice by sharing experiences with the media and expose the realities of our current healthcare system.
  • Foster solidarity, engagement, and improved communication with members through social media and interactive online platforms.
  • Increase unionism literacy and empower the membership. We are 48,000 strong and nurses ought to know their worth and collective power.
  • Bargain future contracts that retain and recruit nurses. Wages, incentives, improved working conditions and enhanced benefits (mental health, eyecare, infertility treatments and maternity leave, for example).
  • Advocate for and support the implementation of the TRC’s 94 Calls to Action, especially those that focus on health care (18-24).
  • Appropriately resource and support stewards and regional executives to better represent members and enforce the collective agreement.
  • Unify Council, promote sound governance and decision making that positively impacts members on the frontline.

Since being elected Vice-President in 2022, it has been my privilege to champion Human Rights & Equity, lead campaigns, rallies and lobby all levels of government on the critical nursing shortage.  Media and chairing Council are other areas of responsibility.  I am proud to have delivered on my promise to foster a relationship with Labour with the rejoining of the Canadian Federation of Nursing Unions and move by-law amendments and resolutions that increase BCNU's accountability, democracy and transparency

As Executive Councillor (2015-2020), substantive contributions include improved Psychological Health & Safety, Occupational Health & Safety and violence prevention language, and leading campaigns: Violence. Not Part of the Job and the inclusion of nurses in mental injury presumptive legislation.

As an RN with 30 years’ experience having worked in Long-term Care, Surgery and most recently, Case Contact Management & Surveillance, and Sexual Health (practicum), I am proud to be part of the nursing profession and it would be my honour to have your support for BCNU President.

Elect Adriane Gear for BCNU President 

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