RE Elect 

Integrity        Experience        Passion 

My name is Adriane Gear and I am a proud registered nurse and BCNU advocate, seeking your support to be elected Vice President.

In 2015, I was elected Executive Councillor, Heath & Safety and in September 2017, Council elected me Acting Vice President.  I have worked diligently to provide effective and accountable leadership, rebuild  external relationships, lead political action by lobbying government and health authorities on issues important to nurses and to our publicly funded healthcare system.  On behalf of BCNU, it has been an honour to present at national and international conferences and have recently completed a certificate in Governance & Leadership and Robert's Rules of Order training.

In addition to supporting members and advocating for improved working conditions, accomplishments that I have contributed to include:
• Personal Resilience Workshops
• Nurses Violence Support Line
• Improved health and safety language 
• Provincial Violence Prevention and Mental Injury Presumptive Legislation campaigns

The BCNU has grown in numbers and diverse perspectives as evidenced by the recent unprecedented engagement in the ratification vote process.  I want to build on this engagement and explore innovative ways to promote member participation, give voice to alternate views and build confidence that Council decisions are fair, evidence-based, progressive and transparent decisions.

As nurses, we want to provide quality patient care and meet our professional practice standards.  However, workload, overcapacity, staffing deficiencies, poor change management (i.e. Primary Care), incivility, trauma and violence contribute to moral distress, burnout, injury and negatively impacts patient outcomes.  If elected, I will continue to bring my integrity, experience and passion to the role advocating for the physical and psychological well-being of all members.  As your representative, I will surface issues, champion member engagement and consultation, foster positive working relationships, embrace innovation and ensure effective and accountable governance.  

 Important Priorities Include: 

#1 Ensuring our Benefits & Pension are optimized and secure

      All members will get a vote on proposed changes

#2 Continue to lobby for violence prevention and the inclusion of nurses in mental

       injury (PTSD) presumptive legislation

#3 Holding employers and government accountable to collective agreement 

       language negotiated to address workload and create safer workplaces

#4 Establish process to facilitate member engagement, participation and 

       consultation on issues important to nurses. 

#5 Building capacity to ensure stewards and regional executive teams excel in their 


#6  Ensuring Council’s oversight on all matters related to fiduciary, strategy and risk